Weight Loss Yoga – Total Body Workout

By | December 17, 2013

Get ready for swimsuit season with this weight loss yoga sequence! Whether you are looking to tone the body or just find what feels good Adriene brings a rea…

Colleen Saidman’s Yoga for Weight Loss

Colleen Saidman's Yoga for Weight Loss

Acclaimed yoga instructor Colleen Saidman brings three results-oriented routines with real women in mind. Lose weight and keep it off through exercise, eating tips and mental focus/awareness. You ll be looking and feeling great in no time! Includes a

List Price: $ 14.98

Price: $ 7.10

Bob Harper: Yoga for the Warrior

Bob Harper: Yoga for the Warrior


This is yoga at its extreme. Bob has deconstructed the traditional concept of yoga with this vigorous, physique-refining yoga routine that recruits and trains every muscle in your body, stretching your limitations, and delivering powerful weight-loss

List Price: $ 14.98

Price: $ 4.90

25 thoughts on “Weight Loss Yoga – Total Body Workout

  1. Yoga With Adriene

    NEW EPISODE: Our Weight Loss Yoga series continues with an epic *60 Minute*Sequence! Try this out and let me know what you think.

  2. PunkyPaws

    I’m so glad I found this. The way you instruct yoga is so great. Thanks for
    the video!

  3. jennampitman

    I’ve only been doing yoga for about nine months but I’ve been doing it for
    about five days a week since I started. I’m somewhere in an intermediate
    level now (of course it varies depending on the day and position) I’m
    feeling sick today though and I was using some of your videos when I first
    started. I decided I wanted to do an easier (but hour long) class so, given
    that I had enjoyed your other videos I decided to try this. It was really
    good :) Exactly what I needed today. I did some modificationa in a few
    places to make things a little more challenging but for the most part it
    kept me sweating as I focused on integrity and calming. Great job and thank
    you for making my day a little easier :)

  4. Vicente Fernandez

    Your videos are wonderful, even I´m just a begginer they’ve were very
    helpful for me.

  5. cohesian

    my right leg shakes really badly when I did one of the moves that required
    a lot of work on the inner thighs is that normal? because I do have
    weakness in the leg muscles I used to go for physio-theraphy because of it.

  6. Dee Tally

    How many calories do you think someone can burn doing this hour workout ?

  7. Bozena Rzonca

    Thank you so much for the video, the best workout ever, thank you for
    sharing with us, can wait to do some more your classes

  8. Dawnzo

    After the warning message I so eagerly anticipated your f-bomb throughout
    the workout, but I never heard it! Your dog is awesome. Thanks for the
    great practice!

  9. Rachael Oller

    Adrienne, I can not send enough gratitude your way! You make this so easy
    to follow and just your energy while making these videos is so inviting and
    supportive! Thank You again I am really enjoying these.

  10. Yewon Kim

    to me the downward dog pose feels like the heart of every voga series..
    love to feel myself building up the strength, stability, then
    comfort(finding what feels good) upon the stability.
    thanks again Adrienne, this was a good way to wrap up a tiring day
    Namaste :)

  11. SignsOfJoy

    I just found your channel and wanted to say Thank You!! Your videos are
    exactly what I’ve been looking for – your instruction is so detailed and
    you have such a unique, wonderful vibrant energy that really make your
    videos a joy to follow along with. You actually make yoga fun! :)
    After years of thinking I hated yoga, I had finally found two DVDs I
    liked. I was looking on Youtube for more variety when I came across your
    channel, and I’m so happy I found it! I’m actually looking forward to
    doing all your sequences! Thank you for creating your awesome “classes” and
    posting them for free for all of us to enjoy!! <3

  12. Lylya Taouti

    Just did this sequence as my morning workout loved it obviously ! i feel
    ready for a long day :) Thank you Adriene for making these videos .. Love
    from Paris 

  13. Christine Azeeta Nielsen

    Just came across this and WOW just the at home yoga class I have been
    looking for. A great core workout felt like a pilates and yoga fusion. Fab!
    Thanks so much :)

  14. Valerie Hemphill

    Your voice is so soothing, and your workouts are very relaxing. I started
    this one with a headache, and about half-way through I realized my headache
    was going away! I hate taking medication for any reason, so this workout
    may become my go-to when I have pain. :)

  15. Chris Beesley

    Ok so I was wondering do you have like a 30min ab work out that I could use
    for my daily work out? It was intense I can say. If you could make one that
    would b great;)

  16. J.B. Adamus

    Hi! I’m going to start using your videos to help me lose weight. I have
    about 30lbs to go :( any tips would help greatly! You’re awesome! 

  17. mika katse

    i Adriene, Just wanted to say thanks for creating these wonderful videos,Im
    from Botswana, in Africa and i was diagnosed with lupus years ago and i do
    have to say ever since i started yoga with you-im feeling more relaxed and
    stress free than ever. it has a soothing and comforting thing about it.
    keep up the great work :D

  18. Shape My Body

    Brilliant video! Perfect for people just starting out. Do this and you will
    definitely feel the energy flowing! ;)

  19. Verolero Rod

    Just did this as a night yoga session and I loved it. It was balanced, not
    too fast or slow with the perfect amount of strength training. Great
    guidance too! I wish I lived in texas to take your classes!

    Love from Miami!

  20. arpfaith20

    Adrienne, I have just started watching your videos. I think you have a
    great personality and serene voice. I am trying to get my life back on
    track spiritually and physically, and already I can see that your videos
    are helping me. Thank you. Keep it up.


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