My Weight Loss Story ♡- How I lost 60lbs/Tips & Motivation/Before & Afters

By | December 26, 2013

100 Days of Weight Loss: The Secret to Being Successful on Any Diet Plan

100 Days of Weight Loss: The Secret to Being Successful on Any Diet Plan

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Put your weight loss knowledge to the test
GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. – ‘Tis the season to for New Years resolutions, and for many that means focusing on weight loss goals. In Motivation Monday, Chris Freytag put Kim’s weight loss knowledge to the test with a quiz from WebMD. The quiz looks at what …
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25 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Story ♡- How I lost 60lbs/Tips & Motivation/Before & Afters

  1. amynicolaox

    Guys, I’m unable to respond to a TON of comments on here with the new
    update like I could before (reply button isn’t there), I’m not ignoring
    you! I’ve had a few q’s about loose skin so here’s my answer: It really
    depends on your genetics & body composition whether your skin will
    immediately snap back or you’ll have the loose skin. After 60lbs I luckily
    don’t have any, but I was prepared for it. You’ve got to look at pros &
    cons, for me I’d rather be at a happier/healthier weight with the loose
    skin. Skin is elastic and a living organism so it has the potential to snap
    back, your best bet is to keep yourself moisturized with body butters &
    don’t worry about it too much/see what happens!

  2. Naomi Martinez

    thank you so much for sharing your story currently I’m 211 pounds I’ve been
    working out for about 1 month with a trainer 2 to 3 times per week and this
    weekend feeling really discouraged because the scale hasn’t changed much,
    you’re video is an encouragement boost.

  3. Leevon74

    You’re awesome thank you for sharing your story. You are s true source of
    encouragement. Your details are inspiring and welcome. Best weight loss
    journey video yet.. Continue to be a blessing.

  4. michelle sousa

    FINALLY someone relatable & someone who doesn’t obsess! Good job girl!
    Thanks for the motivation! 

  5. Munazza Aziz

    Wow. Congrats! Great motivation, I can relate sooooo much to ur video. I am
    also 5″6 n over 200 pounds early 20s. So needed this thanks! U look great!

  6. Deborah McCarley

    HIIT sounds like something I might try… How often should I do this in a

  7. Nancy31ox

    You definitely carried it well, gorgeous then and gorgeous now! Hell yea on
    taking charge of your lifestyle and feeling great.

  8. V. Shireen

    Congrats on your weightloss! You look great :) I need to step my game up
    lol I gained about 5-7 kilo’s in 6 months. Which might not sound like a lot
    but now I have to jump up and down to put on my jeans haha. And that’s NOT
    a good look. Thnx for sharing

  9. Chiqui Perez

    First time watching and you inspired me already. I will surely change my
    lifestyle soon. Thank you. By the way in terms of stretch marks did you
    have any?

  10. Indy B

    awesome video! I’ve been really lazy about exercise since having my
    daughter, but this video has really gave me a little push of motivation to
    get back in the gym!

  11. ChrisArrrgh

    You look amazing! You are such an inspiration! I lost 20 pounds from March
    to August but lost my groove and slowed down my strict eating and exercise
    program. I recently gave myself a reality check and I am getting on track
    to lose the last 20 pounds. Your video came at a perfect time! :)

  12. SnowRocks1

    The HIIT thing reminded me of high school gym. They made us walk 1 minute
    and a half, and then non-stop run for 1 minute straight. We had 2 gym
    teachers, so we couldn’t cheat when we’d run out of the gym and in the
    hallways. lol. This is inspiring. I’m going to be joining a gym in January
    and eating more healthy.

  13. lakshmiluvsvishnu

    & I wish you EVERY good thing, especially since you’re going out of your
    way to give hope & practical advice to other people. YOU ROCK!

  14. KatBishh

    Does anyone know her fitness pal username? I couldn’t hear it well..


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